Why Visitor Management Helps Everyone, Even During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and you may be encountering far more visitors to your facility. You have vendors stopping by to thank you for your business, or you're gearing up for a new project for the coming year.

Sometimes these visitors are planned for, and other times the visit may be unwelcomed. There is no better gatekeeper than a machine since it can't be tricked or talked into letting an unwelcome visitor in.

Many companies may ask why they would want to automate their visitor management activities for their facility, and there are several reasons automating visitor management helps everyone.

  • Ability to provide a comprehensive audit trail of all visitor events
  • Automate notifications between visitors and hosts removing the potential for human error
  • Convey to staff and visitors that your facility takes security seriously
  • Ensure all visitors are accounted for during an emergency requiring evacuation
  • Know building occupancy at all times
  • Know when visitors leave, or if they have stayed longer than expected
  • Minimize contact between visitors and employees by issuing mobile credentials
  • Send sales reps without appointments away without issue
  • Perform temperature scans of visitors before entering the facility without risk to your staff

See how an automated visitor management system works upon sign-in from the leading experts in facility security, Gallagher

During an emergency, it's imperative to ensure that all staff and visitors are accounted for during an evacuation. This also helps first responders since you can quickly access data to list any staff or visitors that are unaccounted for. The system demonstrated below is a combination of both Gallagher's Visitor Management System and Command Centre with mobile device access.

As you can see there are many reasons to consider adding a comprehensive visitor management system to your facility. May the reasoning be for practicality, safety, security, or to showcase your dedication to professionalism, a visitor management system is a value add for most facilities.

BLTI is partnered with Gallagher, and we offer all of Gallagher's products thru BuyBoard which is a national online purchasing cooperative developed to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities, and other public entities. 

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