Radar Intrusion Surveillance Devices for Critical Infrastructure

When planning security for critical infrastructure, you need to be prepared for a wide variety of potential attacks, and able to detect intruders accurately from far away. We have seen recently in the news that we need to be on high alert with the ever-increasing threat of drones. It's scary that a drone with a copper wire attached to it could have potentially disrupted the power grid if the operator didn't crash and damage the drone before it reached its intended target.

It is highly recommended that any type of critical infrastructure including pipelines, dams, data centers, farms, electrical grids, water facilities, ports, correctional institutions, and airports is to incorporate radar detection with your surveillance system.

Radar detection enables your security systems to detect movement from great distances, and instantly have your surveillance system lock onto the target and track with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras. This option offers a wide range of detection and tracking which that you can connect with automated alarms to notify key security personnel.

We have already installed this state-of-the-art technology at various critical infrastructure facilities, and below are some photos from our projects. 

The perimeter surveillance radar we provide has survived war zones and still performs brilliantly even in extreme heat or cold. Another excellent benefit is this product line is proudly manufactured in the USA!

When it comes to protecting critical infrastructure, don't take chances. Contact us today for a site inspection and consultation on what we can do to enhance your facility's safety and security.

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