Spook-tacular Safety Tips for Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, there is more to do than to make sure you have enough candy for trick-or-treaters or ensure that your home is one of the best-decorated homes on the block. You need to make sure to do your part to ensure your safety and security. The top two complaints that homeowners and businesses have during this time of year are vandalism and fires! As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

  1. Trim back trees and bushes in your yard, especially near entrances and sidewalks as this will ensure that pedestrians can safely walk, and also allow you to have greater visibility.

  2. Test your surveillance system and ensure you have the right angles to see all areas of your property. We always recommend testing your system as you may see that you need to adjust the angle of a camera or clean the lens to enhance your images coming thru the cameras.

  3. Consider using LED-based lights in your pumpkins, and not candles. Candles left unattended easily can catch fire and cause devastating damage to your property. LED lighting produces very little heat which enables you to have a spooky pumpkin on display safely.

  4. Motion-activated lighting is not only a great deterrent for those wanting to break in or vandalize, but it provides trick-or-treaters with visibility of your walkways to ensure they can get to your door safely.

  5. Don't store spare keys in easy-to-find locations such as under your welcome mat, under planters, or a plastic hide-a-key. There are devices out there where you can store an emergency key that still requires you to use a passcode to access the key. This way no one can possibly get a key to gain access to your property at a later date.

  6. Make sure you're using the right monitoring company! The right monitoring company will review your property with you to determine if you should have additional motion sensors, window or door contacts, and test your system to ensure it's communicating properly with dispatch services. Nothing is scarier than hitting your panic button, and nothing happens!

Halloween is meant to be a fun time to celebrate and pick up some delicious candy along the way! Be sure to follow these tips and stay safe!

If you need assistance with your surveillance, intrusion, fire alarm, or want to make a change to the right monitoring company, BLTI would be delighted to assist you! Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us today at 832-698-8000. 

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