Production, Startup, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Control Panel by a Control System Integrator - Wiring Time Lapse Video

At BLTI, we have a wonderful team of technicians that are highly skilled at building custom control panels for our clients. When they learned about the most recent news release we posted about the Production, Start-up, Commissioning, and Maintenance of a Control Panel by a System Integrator, they offered to show how BLTI's initial layout and wiring is completed in our own 508a UL compliant shop with a time-lapsed video. 

This will demonstrate how the panel is laid out, components installed, wiring, and labeling of the components. 

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There is a lot of work and consideration that goes into each aspect of building a quality control panel. This is why it is a good idea to choose a system integrator that has control over the manufacturing process of the panel as this will ensure it's ready for installation, start-up, and commissioning before it leaves the manufacturing facility. 

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