CyberLock is an innovative lock system that easily converts existing mechanical locks into a full access control system. By eliminating the wire between the lock and access auditing software, our locks can be installed anywhere.  You can effortlessly create a powerful system to track and regulate access to every lock in your facility.

Applications for CyberLock cylinders are almost limitless. Lock cores are available for padlocks, door hardware, cam locks, safe locks, vending machines, high security locks, traffic cabinets, and gate controllers to name a few. BL Technology can provide and install a system that will eliminate the need to ever re-key your facility again, even in the event of a lost key.

One Key Access: CyberKeys can be programmed to open all your CyberLocks or to open only a small, selected number of locks at specific, scheduled times. With the CyberAudit software you control what locks a key-holder can access, at what time periods. The system is fully programmable to fit your security needs.

  • Lock installs without wiring of any kind, and do not contain a battery.
  • CyberLocks cannot be picked.
  • CyberKeys cannot be duplicated.
  • Dirt and moisture will not interfere with the operation of the cylinder.
  • CyberLocks resist forced rotation.
  • Each key is fully programmable

CyberLock Brochure