BLTI has been a certified reseller of CyberLock® for over 13 years. CyberLock® has been an amazing and complementary addition to the security and access control services that BLTI offers. Similar to a traditional "wired" access control system, CyberLock® receives audit trails and reports on every lock and key to know who was where and when. Where CyberLock® differentiates itself is with its key-centric design. This means there is no expensive and intrusive infrastructure needing to be installed in your facilities such as cabling and control panels. An extra advantage to this design is that it is a perfect solution for remote locations and easily retrofits to existing facilities and hardware.

A CyberLock® system can be broken down into four basic components: Smart Keys, Smart Lock Cylinders, Communicators and Software. The key supplies all of the power needed to open the lock. The key asks the lock for its identification and then checks its own permissions to see if it has been given access. If access has been granted, the lock will open. If not, an alarm will sound in the key and the lock will remain closed. All of this is accomplished in a fraction of a second. The locks retrofit into existing hardware for fast, easy, and low-cost installation. Communicators allow the locks and keys to communicate with the software. These devices come in a variety of options. Some plug directly into a computer, while others can be connected to a network. It is also possible to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as a communication option. Communicators can be optimized to enhance workflow. The CyberAudit management software allows the administrator to assign keys, set schedules, monitor staff, review audit trails, and more.

CyberLock® continues to Innovate new ideas and technology to provide the most advanced and user-friendly key-centric Access Control System available. CybeLock's Flex System enhances the CyberLock product line by adding the capability to control a variety of access control and security elements using both Flex System modules as well as third party access devices. This enables you to have the ability to used CyberLock's Key-Centric design in combination with other access control equipment with a single application for configuring and reporting access.

In addition to the On-Premise Software application, BLTI also offers the CyberAudit-Web as a Software as a Service (SAAS) subscription. This is an excellent, low-cost solution for organizations that want a simple, hands-off approach to hardware and software maintenance. BLTI provides all of the hardware and software along with all updates and maintenance to keep your system running and safe without any of the hassles or additional resources needed. BLTI and CyberLock® are the perfect pair for all of your access control needs.

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