Imagine you are in a classroom. You hear a loud bang. You know it is a gunshot. What do you do? You're an educator, with a classroom full of kids and no knowledge of where the shooter is. What is your first step? Where do you go? 

All of these thoughts running through your head, and yet your expected to be level-headed and calmly get your kids out the door safely. But how can you be expected to do so without the proper equipment or knowledge? 

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection system is something that not only solves all your questions but eases the mind of all your employees. Imagine hearing a gunshot, then instantly getting a text message, notifying a shooter is in the building and a map of where the shot when off. How much easier would it be to navigate the school and get your kids out safely? Imagine, first responders, getting to your school 5-10 minutes faster, saving countless lives. Is it worth it? 

Guardian not only detects gunfire immediately, but relays information on a floor map with shot location, text, e-mail and other notifications to critical employee and staff members of your choice with no human interaction required. The average person takes 5-7 minute to realize the situation and call 911. An active shooting event lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes. With Guardian, first responders can get accurate information that much faster and be able to locate the shooter at a much faster pace, saving countless lives.