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“BLTI provides solutions for a wide variety of markets.”

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Completed Projects

Project Name: NHCRWA SCADA Project 10B 

Project Owner: North Harris County Regional Water District

Completion Date: December 2012

Work Performed: New SCADA system for two water plants and 56 remote sites. Turn key project with award based on bid and proposal evaluation point system.


Project Name: MUD 368 System SCADA and Security Upgrade

Project Owner: Harris County MUD 368

Completion Date: June 2010

Work Performed: Control Microsystems ScadaPak RTU’s at four water treatment plants communicating over Comcast Cable Internet to administration office HMI. HMI consists of ClearScada graphical interface with automatic report generation for monthly and annual regulatory reports. Video security monitoring at each site with local NVR recording as well as transmitting video to central site for real time viewing and recording. Secured HMI and video are accessible VIA internet from any remote location.


Project Name: Almeda Sims Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Drying Facility

Project Owner: City of Houston

Completion Date: May 2009

Work Performed: Sludge drying facility for a City of Houston Wastewater Treatment Plant, utilizing Siemens S-7 PLC’s and Wonderware HMI and Historian. Ten PLC processors with approximately 4000 I/O points communicating over copper and fiber Ethernet LAN. Turnkey system included all field instrumentation installed, including Dryer system field instrumentation. Project included system commissioning and extensive onsite training for City of Houston Personnel.


Project Name: 69th Street and Various Sites SCADA System Improvements

Project Owner: City of Houston

Completion Date: February 2008

Work Performed: Approximately 25 PLC Processors (Siemens 545) communicating VIA fiber optic network to six HMI workstations utilizing Wonderware Archestra software. Total PLC I/O count exceeded 10,000 points. The project scope included turnkey installation including field instrumentation, wire and conduit, and control panels.